Monday, 20 February 2017

Poor quality teaching

I have long told people verbally about poor teachers and the effects they have upon individuals' growth.

I am hoping to put these ideas into writing here.

When I was 25, about 4 years ago I was nearly killed in a streetfight by three men. A leading south end drug dealer insulted my mother and I poked him in the face in a city centre sauna. He almost broke my jaw and then I got in a fight with three coke rats later.

I started playing chess as a way around this.

When I came to the chess club I obviously lost all the games but wasn't put off which surprised certain people. I kept on playing and people told me a great deal of nonsense about chess.

nonsense such as

"Studying openings isn't important"

"key squares"

"bishops are always better than knights"

I eventually got better due to studying the game.

in one game I lost to some woman who had a Cambridge university partly because I was tired prison visiting all day. I was expected to beat thus woman but didn't mind losing to her.

What did upset me was that she called me odd when I asked to photograph her score sheet and laughed about beating me.

This woman has made no attempt to learn chess and called a friend of mine with a learning difficulty and idiot. The guy with learning difficulties works whereas she got half her husband's house from a divorce (poor guy) and coasts along on state benefits

It sickens me that she is allowed to teach for a charity called "chess in schools".


1 can't play chess to any standard and will hinder students growth into master level players by advising them that "openings aren't important" etc
2 has appalling attitudes towards men who pay her benefit money.
3 has appalling attitudes towards the game of chess as she happily takes the place of better players on teams despite not being able to play at all.

It disgusts me that this creature is allowed to teach chess to children for a charity.

on a similar note the "education" that I received at A level and university was appalling to say the least. Students mis-advised me on things and Alexandre Coutu who taught me French to English translation later on had to reeducate me.

It is my personal opinion that this entire thing  called "education" needs to be updated and incompetent fools need to be hauled out of their cushy jobs as teachers.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Scammers and the Naive

Apparently some guy in Liverpool stole from a charity...

He told people a load of lies and they were too dumb to notice...

im gonna try and be a lot less naive.

Friday, 3 February 2017


It strikes me as odd that noone has accused Hou Yifan of match fixing!

It would be very easy for her to bet a great deal of money with marathon bet on her losing!

Why hasn't this been raised?

Monday, 30 January 2017

A lunatic gets a job

I have been technically self employed for a number of years now despite being certifiably insane.

I started off selling stuff online as well as translating and worked for a nice Chiropractor from West Derby.

There is hope out there.

scumbag retires to the south of France

A scumbag called John P Collins "taught" me Japanese at university, except he didn't teach me.

This buffoon told rape jokes, failed incompetent students and changed the criteria so kanji weren't im the exam causing more students to pass thus making him look better.

His appalling behaviour put me off foreign languages for many years and I regret not kicking his head in.

One student had so much of his shit she tried to commit suicide!

The scumbag told her mother it was " a pathetic cry for help"

At the time of writing the scumbag is living in the South of Frances in a house paid for by the student debts of people like me.

He is a model of how ridiculous our system is.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Chess Coaching

I have started training someone who doesnt know how the pieces move chess.

In the past I have taught people to pass JLPT level 1 and also kanji

I aim at updating this blog everyday

Monday, 12 December 2016

Collosal waste of Police funds

A While ago I fell out with a lady x and she reported me to (Merseyside) Police

(I won't name her or others)

This is my version of events which I gave to Merseyside Police

I met Mrs x a while ago when I asked to volunteer at a kitchen for homeless people.

She told me I needed a DBS check to be able to volunteer. I took this as meaning she didn’t want me but told her I didn’t have any convictions. She then said she didn’t need me. I took this as just meaning she disliked me
A couple of weeks later she misinterpreted my Facebook post and called me a silly little man and other insults I called her a fat cow in response. I think she deliberately tried to provoke me.
She tried to get a hate mob on me. Several people attacked me in writing and I defended myself they took my side. I inboxed several people and explained my side of things.
One person Mr Y threatened to kill me, but most could understand it was her fault.
I just let it blow over after a friend of hers Mr. W said she was in the wrong but asked me to leave it
A few weeks later her friend Mr Z posting on one of my comments in a Facebook selling group. She got me banned from a group and effected my work. She told the person in charge I insulted her but neglected to say she started it. My boss was very upset, and I had a go at Mrs. X by inboxing her.
I inboxed her and harangued her because she effected my business. I told her I knew where she lived which I did.
Later a friend of hers inboxed me and said she was concerned. I said I was livid because Mrs. x  almost lost me my job. I said if she didn’t have kids and I didn’t lose my job id torch her house. I meant this as an idol threat; I said it to explain how angry I was.
Mrs. then used this message and spread a rumour saying I was going to torch her house down with the kids inside it which was nonsense.
Mr Y also threatened me and has been sending me messages saying he is going to kill me.
On the 29th October he said he was going to stab me because Mrs. x d told him to do so and got out what appeared to be a Knife outside St Johns Shopping centre. On the thirtieth of October he threatened me again on Facebook. I have proof of all of this.

Mrs X  tol the Police a Load of nonsense and wasted a lot of Police Time!

In the end i got the following letter after we both gave our side 

I thought the Police handled this excellently, but the amount Mrs. X wasted is phenomenal.