Friday, 18 January 2019

Fast Eddie

I recently read the Book Fast Eddie by Edward Maher.

I agree with his points about junkies in jail, but think he was looking back with rose-tinted spectacles when saying how everyone was depressed.

Life in Britain would have been a lot worse before human rights reforms....

I found the book very entertaining especially the stuff about the legal system.

Monday, 31 December 2018


I saw this online I often wondered

That last little sqiggle in the name is not normal hiragana, unlike the rest of the name. And it’s not just the truck company either, dentists and suchlike with the same (family) name always have the same last syllable. Could it be a kanji??? Totally stumped on this one, so any help gratefully received.

It’s a repetition symbol. It’s most commonly seen in its kanji form 々 (人々 [hitobito] for example), but it has hiragana and katakana forms too. The two hiragana forms are ゝ and ゞ, and the katakana forms are ヽ and ヾ. The double-ticks are used if the syllable it replaces would have them. In the case of isuzu, the repetition character is replacing a hiragana ず, so ゞ is used.
As to why they use this repetition symbol instead of plain old hiragana, I don’t know. Wikipedia just says that proper names sometimes use the double-tick in hiragana/katakana form.
BTW, I didn’t know any of this before. I just checked wikipedia when I saw this post. For more information about the repetition symbol, check

Sunday, 30 December 2018

A mess with a house clearance

A few years ago I cleared a house after a friend of mine sadly passed away.

The next of kin   agreed with me we would split the money from the sale of stuff in the house 50/50 after I had paid for storage and van hire etc.

I then cleared the house and put it in storage. The next of kin did not lift a finger to help me as the lady who helped me can attest.  I appreciate she was grieving, but she left me and a friend with all the work to do.

The next of kin's cousin then wound me up and got the next of kin to make a statement to the police that I had stole the stuff as opposed to clearing it, or at least I am 99% sure of this.  The police then came  to my flat and told me not to contact the next of  kin. When they entered my flat they said "you know what we are looking for". I appreciate they were probably lied to.

This woman then told a load of lies about me on Facebook which the police rightly advised me was a civil matter.  I was incandescent with rage at the legal system.

During the course of this mess the next of kins cousin attempted to emotionally blackmail me into giving her all the money I made selling the stuff in the house. This was obviously ludicrous as I had spent about 200 hours selling the stuff.  I reiterate that the next of kin or the cousin did nothing to aid in getting the stuff out of the house, with the next of kin simply ordering the stuff in the house for less than an hour.

Before I went to jail I gave a relative of the next of the kin some of the stuff back and paypalled her  money.  

After I got out of jail I paypalled this relative the money I owed due to the contract.  I no longer have the exact records due to losing ebay accounts.  if the next of Kin's cousin hadn't harassed  me I would have been more rational and able to keep better records.

One of the next of kin's relative's even said to me: I don't think S________ understands how much work is involved in the selling.

I aim to continue to do house clearances, but will let this serve as a reminder that it was a mess..... If the next of Kin didn't have a next of kin I probably wouldn't have gone the extra mile to return the stuff and paypal the money after she got the police to tell me not to contact her.

why not work up another withdrawal?

I was reading my emails when money I earned matched betting came from Betway.  The Term worked up a withdrawal surprised me as I had never heard or read it before in English.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Matched Betting 4TW

I have made about £40 today matched betting as well as another £100 from an accumulator.

I think this is one of the easiest legal ways to make money going.

Samurai rock

a friend of mine in his gym had some Japanese on facebook and I couldn't read it.

I have not been doing Japanese for years due to abuse I suffered in the academic system.

i didnt lie down and cry, I went out and worked for an antiques shop in Old Swan as well as a house clearance company.

I imported stuff from Turkey where I met Antonio Inoki randomly.

I learnt 6000 kanji as can be seen from Kanji gold and fought the fight of my life with Japanese grammar.

My lecturers at a university laughed at me, but I stuck it out and got a 2:1 degree as well as going on to pass some of the most difficult translation agency tests in the world.

One of them called me a dickhead and told me to kill myself. He joked when one classmate tried to commit suicide.

Today my Japanese is not very good but i am pleased I stuck out the course.

Today I earn a lot of money doing matched betting and betfair trading as well as ebay and a part time job.

I intend to post more about these ways of earning money and how marvelous I was at selling stuff online.

I am pleased I did so much with kanji and am going to do a book on this in the near future

Saturday, 22 September 2018